For Sale - T16: Garrosh Boost

By Shell a - Posted Jan 13, 14

We have recently decided to start selling boosts. Initially this will only be normal mode Garrosh, however meta achievements and heroics will be added at a later date (so watch this space!)

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a run with us, please send a whisper or mail shell ingame #shell2116 or reply below.

Before you schedule a run with us, you need to agree to the terms below.


1. Payment is made prior the the beginning of your run.

2. We ask for a 20% deposit the day you book your run. (20% of your run's total gold cost).If you don't show up or cancel your run, we will keep that deposit!! Right before your run, you will pay the remaining 80%

3. The days for boosts are either Monday or Tuesday between 9PM to 12PM (Server Time) The day will depend entirely on the guilds current state for heroic progress that week.

4. We'll give you all the loots our raiders don't need!

5. You need to have Mumble installed before the run with a working mic/headset.

Garrosh Normal mode kill (30k gold)

This run will give you the following:

  • <Your Name> Liberator of Orgrimmar (Account-wide)
  • Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf mount (Account-wide)
  • All loot you desire for the char you are bringing, excluding what any raider still needs.
  • A chance for a level 90->100 Garrosh Heirloom! ( See: )

More info available via the realm forum
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