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A Personal Journey to Fundraising

As a passionate gamer myself, with a deep love for World of Warcraft, I understand the power that gaming communities hold.

My name is Michelle, known as Shell in the gaming world, where I lead my guild Carnage Inc on Silvermoon EU.

Today, I want to share a personal story that led me to organize a Raidathon for Cancer Research and how virtual worlds can bring about real change.

Many of you may be wondering why a Raidathon for Cancer Research? The answer lies in a pivotal moment in my life. In 2010, my world was shaken when my mum was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The road to recovery was filled with challenges, including a major surgery that tested her strength and resilience. It was during this challenging time that I witnessed firsthand the importance of supporting cancer research and those fighting this battle.

My mum kicked cancers ass - not once but THREE times between 2010 an 2024 when she sadly lost her fight and my world flipped upside down! Read More...

Uniting Gamers for a Cause

Gaming, often seen as a solitary activity, has a remarkable ability to bring people together. Raidathon aims to harness this sense of community among gamers to raise funds for a cause that affects so many around the world.

By participating in 24 hours of non-stop epic raids from classic all the way through to current content, gamers can make a tangible impact on cancer research and support vital work in finding cures and treatments.

The Power of Virtual Fundraising

With the rise of online fundraising events, virtual initiatives like the Raidathon have proven to be successful in generating awareness and donations for charitable causes. Through live streams, social media engagement, and in-game challenges, gamers can connect with a global audience and inspire others to contribute to meaningful causes.

Join Us in the Battle Against Cancer

I invite all gaming enthusiasts and supporters of cancer research to join us in this noble quest. Together, we can show the world that gamers have the power to make a difference beyond virtual realms. Your participation, whether big or small, can bring us one step closer to a future free of cancer.

Let's embark on this Raidathon together and fight for a world where no one has to face cancer alone. Join Raidathon 2024 and make a difference today!

Remember, every raid boss defeated brings us closer to a world without cancer.

Our Past Success with Raidathon

Raidathon has been a significant part of our journey for years, with each edition bringing in more support and contributions. Looking back, our achievements speak volumes about the dedication and spirit of our guild members.

Back in 2011, we raised a commendable £746, setting the stage for our future endeavors. in 2012, our efforts brought in £1335. The following years were even more rewarding – in 2013, we raised £1480, in 2014 it was £1470, all notable milestones that showcases our commitment to fundraising as an ever growing community.

How We Raise Money

The success of Raidathon lies not only in the generosity of our supporters but also in the unity of our guild members. To kickstart the fundraising process, every member participating in the event contributes a £5 entry fee, showing their dedication right from the beginning. Additionally, we encourage each participant to invite their friends and family to join this noble cause, amplifying our impact and reach.



A Glorious Chapter: Raidathon in the Media

Over the years we have been very lucky to have the support of the Warcraft community. Featuring on the front page of manaflask and TankSpot and having members of Method join us - Thank you Blatty amd Vikyna.

In 2014, Raidathon achieved a milestone that resonated across Azeroth and beyond. The event was featured on the Official World of Warcraft Facebook Page, a testimony to the unwavering dedication and passion of the participants.

A Massive Thank you:
Steelseries Sponsorship 

Back in 2016, we were lucky to gain sponsorship from SteelSeries. This opportunity was a game-changer, quite literally, as SteelSeries sent us loads of headsets, mice, and keyboards to give away on our livestream.


The excitement was palpable, and the support from SteelSeries helped us create an unforgettable hype for Raidathon and boost donations.

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