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We're Going Multi Faction

As many of you know recruitment has been horrendous on Alliance side for some time. So with the implementation of cross faction activity we have decided that the future of Carnage Inc needs to adapt to a slightly new and uncharted path. What this looks like for us as a collective guild is in fact TWO guilds and ONE community sharing a discord server. This will allow us the very best of both factions whilst allowing everyone to remain as the faction of their choosing. We have our current guild on Alliance Silvermoon and we now have a a Horde guild on Tarren Mill. Both guild as mentioned already will share a discord and community chat in game and conduct itself as ONE guild in theory. This change comes in to force immedately. So you have a choice ahead: Alliance Silvermoon or Horde Tarren Mill - Which will you choose! See you all in game - be sure to join the community in game: Carnage Inc X Faction

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