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March 31, 2009

November 3, 2011

March 19, 2015

Present Day

The Beginning
We began our journey as Alliance on Saurfang EU, where we of the longest running 25man raiding guilds on the server. One of our earliest challenges was the step-up to raiding, this was not an easy task as it was a first for soo many of us. However we did what Carnage Inc do best, we helped each other out and never gave up. When wipes were in abundance, learning 'the dance' to down Noth The Plague Bringer seemed impossible, and the end of Naxxramas seemed soo far away, we stayed strong and we succeeded! The day we claimed our first Naxxramas victory as a guild is still one of our proudest moments in game!!


Switching Stormwind for Ogrimmar 
Due to under-population causing recruitment issues on Saurfang, we were starved of potentiel end game raiders, we simply felt that we had outgrown the server, so transferred the entire guild.  Adopting a 'no man left behind policy' we as a guild pooled together over £600 and moved everyone to Draenor. 
We continued our success in clearing all Heroic/Mythic content in good time and continued the tradition of farming mounts for the guild. 


An Unexpected Change
At the start of 2015 the Guild Leaders (Shell & Tapps) took an intermittent break from the game due to irl commitments.... having 3 babies under 3 is by far harder than any mythic boss to date! lol. It was during this time that the officers faced some issues that they felt were un-rectifiable.

Carnage seizing to exist is not an option, so upon returning to the game Shell and Tapps, together with remaining members weighed up our options and considered returning to our roots at Saurfang in hopes of better prospects now that the realms were connected. After much discussion we decided a higher populated realm would be best and moved to Silvermoon where once again we cleared Heroic/Mythic content in good time and continued the tradition of farming mounts for the guild.

Carnage For Life! 

The years have since passed, Naxrammas is nothing but a distant memory but we go on to face fresh challenges with each new expansion. We may have begun as a small and friendly social leveling guild but Carnage Inc has grown dramatically, yet we have held strong to the same values and social aspect that is important to soo many of us and often lost in large progression raiding guilds.


The overwhelming sense of community spirit is what makes Carnage 'home' for so many of us and endorses our guild motto of 'Carnage for Life!'


Along side our core of dedicated and skilled raiders and social members we have a strong, committed, loyal and trustworthy leadership team who go above and beyond for the guild and all of its members on a daily basis. It is this core of members that has empowered Carnage Inc to achieve its goals and and ensures that we remain a strong solid guild community for the future.


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