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Player Spotlight: Tapps

Hello and welcome back to the Carnage Inc Player Spotlight series! My name is Michelle aka Shell and each week I hope to bring you a insight into the amazing players we have in the ranks of Carnage Inc. Some you may already know, and some you may have yet to encounter. This week, we chat with Tapps AKA Trapps. Our Co.Guild Leader and Raid Leader. Who has been doing his thang with the Guild since waaaaaay back in 2009, long before he even knew how to /run and literally role play walked everywhere (don't tell him I told you that! lol!

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Eeeeeer.......yea.... what do you want me to say? Yo! Yo! I'm Tapps the renowned, Raid Reader of Carnage Inc, Multi-Cutting Edge Champion of Azeroth.

AKA Luke from North London.

Outside of WoW, what hobbies and interests do you have? Gaming, Playing Golf, Watching Football - Arsenal (the invincibles), Music and Culture.

Where did your nickname come from? Dancing...... Twinkle toes Tapps! Yes I really was THAT good!

How is life in the city you’re currently living in? Would you recommend people to visit? Hertfordshire - 20 miles north on London. Currently lockdown due to covid-19 has illimated life as we know it, so we are making the most of natures finest things! But if you were to visit at another time then I would suggest that if you are a foodie like me then hit up all the street food places in Shoreditch.

Do you think your time as a WoW player influenced other parts of your life? If so in what regard?

Management, Leadership and decision making!

What was your first ever main and what made you choose it? The original OG Tapps Warrior. Because I loved the look of plate armour sets with a sword and shield ready to smash peoples faces in.

.....And I didn't fancy running about in a dress - I save that for the weekend!

What is your main now and why did you switch? Currently playing Hunter - Trapps. I switched as its more efficent to raid lead from a ranged DPS pov, than under the bosses ass!

What would you say is your strongest skill or trait as a player? Being able to analyse ans understand the fight quickly and adapting to a bad situation if needed.

What would you say was your biggest success or achievement as a WoW player? Errrrrrmmmmm....... Having the opportunity to have played in a couple of top 100 guilds who all showed me different valuable lessons about raid mentality that you don't learn from anywhere else.

Can you tell us some funny or interesting stories of your time in WoW?

I know what you're thinking..... the time in Dragon Soul when I yelled 'Nuke the fuckin' Tenkatales!!' But, I don't know! I'll come back to this one!

What’s your opinion on the current balance of the game and tell us the things you would like to see changed? Corruption is absolute dog; possibly the worst implementation in the game from Blizzard! Can't wait for Shadowlands pre-patch so it all gets removed and everyone is on a level playing field. Then we will see who can rally pump!

What’s your Favorite raid and boss in the game - like EVER?? Ever?? Errmmmmmmm...... Probobally Ulduar 25man and Firefighter Hardmode or Algalon!

What other games do you play? League of Legends, Fifa, Call of Duty, but looking forward to the long awaited release of Cyberpunk 2077.

You can have dinner with any person, historic or current, who do you choose and why? Michael Jordan. Because i'd try to get a load of free trainder - and he's an absolute G! One of the best athletes of all time!

What is your favourite drink? Lemon Fanta What is your favourite movie? Urrrrrrghhhh.... fuckin' hell. I genuinely cant answet this one! But if i had to pick Man on Fire is defo a top 5!

What is your favourite song? Pfffffff..... Impossible to answer! Errrrrrm..... I can't even list one as I feel it would be against he culture of music to have a favourite.

Tell us about the funniest moment in your recent life? Ah mate! I'm trying to thinkswhats been really funny. There has definitely been some moments that have been really funny......


<Thinking Face> Loud Laugh...... The funniest thing has to be when my Dad crashed the golf buggy into me and my brother! His foot got stuck on the accelerator, and he couldn't get his foot out. He came flying up over a hill when we were parked still, hit us, then span off and got stuck on a giant log! And broke the whole chases and had to pay for it!

I wish I had that on camera!

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