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Blitz & Blazeing Into Dragonflight!

Its the eve of Dragonflight and we as Leadership of Carnage Inc are soo hyped for what it holds in store for us as a guild. A new expansion brings many new and exciting things, but aside from expansion specifics here are a few insights into what we have in store as a guild: The Return of not 1 but 2 Progression raid teams: Team Blaze and Team Blitz Both have their sights set on achieving CE this tier, so watch this space. (recruitment is open for those interested) We will have lots on offer outside of progression raiding with Steleonar and Bigcarks heading up the social activities within the guild, from Guild Lottery to Competitions and Mount Runs we will have something for everyone. And not to mention Mythic+ for ALL. We are proud to have many members of Carnage Inc who regularly participate in Mythic + with an exceptional shout out to Jobo who smashed it and achieved Cryptic Hero: Shadowlands Season 3 finishing with a rating in the top 0.1% of all players in your region!

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