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Carnage Through The 'Tiers'

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

So... it's 10.30pm and I am sat on mumble with some of my oldest and dearest wow friends who have recently returned to the game. Most of you may not know Vene and Rommy but they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet whom I am pleased to call my friends, and feel privileged to have got to know over the years.

Anyhow I have polished off some amaretto and then some wine for good measure, and after not drinking due to becoming a mummy I guess you could say I am kinda drunk! And in my drunkenness we got to reminiscing and it reminded me that I have been meaning to write a post reflecting upon how far we have come as a guild over the years....

So here it is.... Carnage through the tiers (and tears):

How amazing is that to see in black and white? For me it makes me feel very humble and very proud! It goes to show that no matter, what you can achieve anything with a little determination and team work!

I wish I had more time for drunken ramblings such as these. If I am honest I wish I had more time to be drunk!! But mummy duties take priority these days, however I will never forget that before I was mummy to my to beautiful babies I was mummy to Carnage Inc and the guild will forever remain close to my heart!

The drunken ramblings of a guild leader.... so this is Shell /overandout

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