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A New Chapter: Horde Bound

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

For almost four years Carnage Inc has represented the Alliance on Saurfang EU. But the time has come to bid a fond farewell as we begin a new chapter as horde on Draenor EU. This is a change that has been a thought of ours for some time now, but we have finally decided to make the move in order to continue our success as a 25 man guild. Many of you may be wondering why such a drastic change? Well it comes as no surprise that horde racials are far greater than those of the Alliance and we feel that this will be better suited to us in a 25 man environment.

And as for the server; we spent a lot of time looking in to the right server for us, and we finally decided upon Draenor EU. They have a vast horde population and a very healthy economy which will be a welcome change from Saurfang. We have had some great times on Saurfang and will take forward with us some fantastic memories. But as one chapter draws to an end a new one begins, and for us that starts now!

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