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Radiation 2012

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Raid-a-thon 2012 took place on Saturday 27 @ 12:00 for a full 24 hrs. I am pleased to say that it was a huge success. Our live stream reached 13,753 views, and we gave away some cool prices such as TCG loot and Borderlands 2 courtesy of some generous guildies: Healzofsteel and Gungren.

Everyone who took part done amazing, and we cleared all content as intended in record time. With that in mind we are already thinking up a new incentive for next years raid-a-thon so keep a look out for that!

We have managed to raise a whopping £1571.50 (inc gift aid) towards our £2000 target for Cancer Research UK, and I believe their are a few donations pending. Its not too late to donate, so please visit: if you would like to contribute.

Congratulations everyone. Looking forward to Raid-a-thon 2013!

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