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Spring Flowers?!?!?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I know it seemed impossible from the moment we stepped through that door 'Putricide's Laboratory of Alchemical Horrors and Fun' I personally took one look and thought "we're fucked!" But we stuck it out, worked together and we kicked his ass!! And what makes us even more IMBA is the fact that once we stood glorious over Putricide's body, and the shaking from adrenalin begun to wear off I realized (to my surprise) as I exclaimed to the team "Holy Shit.... I did that with my [Spring Flowers] equipped!" Yes I know, I'm such a NABBER!! But that's what makes us soo great as a team, and great as a guild! The fact that we're not perfect (although we're pretty close) we fuck up, we kick ass and we have a hell of a laugh doing it!! No one can be as proud as I am right now of all of you! Keep up the fantastic work guys!! GO CARNAGE!!!!!

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