Time to stock up on Feasts!

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Hey everyone!
I've finally got our 500 stat feast recipe at Rank 3, and all the recipes needed to make the mats for it, at Rank 3 aswell.

I've spent alot of time and money on getting it and ideally want to start building up some stock for when we raid..
Now, I'm not demanding that everyone chip in, but it would be helpful if people could please look at the list below and gather/buy whatever mats you can so i can start to create them for us!

Slice of Bacon - 27(In Demand)
Leyblood - 1275
Big Gamy Ribs - 115
Runescale Koi - 1864
Lean Shank - 901
Black Barracuda - 509
Stormray - 429
Highmountain Salmon - 737

Lavish Surumar Feast - 94

Thanks in advance :)

Each feast requires Slice of Bacon x3

The foods we need for the feast are:
Leybeque Ribs
Leyblood x5
Big Gamy Ribs x5

Surumar Surf n Turf
Runescale Koi x5
Lean Shank x5

Barracuda Mrglagh
Leyblood x 5
Black Barracuda x5

Koi-Scented Stormray
Runescale Koi x 5
Stormray x5

Drogbar-Style Salmom
Highmountain Salmon x5
Stonedark Snail x 10
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Thank you to Adamaris !

Stock has been updated.
Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP
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Thank you Acmoda!
Stock updated!
Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP
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Thank you solmate!
Stock list updated
Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP