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Carnage Inc
Silvermoon (EU) - 368 users
TODAY: 12 UNIQUE HITS: 263,611

Server: SIlvermoon EU
Faction: Alliance
Category: Mythic
Guild Created: March 2009
Guild Leader: Shell (Battletag: shell#2116)
Co.Guild Leader: Tapps (Battletag: tapps#2758)

After a slight pause Carnage Inc is once again recruiting Mythic raiders for BRF and beyond....

We began our journey as alliance on Saurfang waaaay back in March 2009 where we one of the longest running 25 man raiding guilds on the server. In November 2012 we felt we had outgrown Saurfang due to the limited recruitment potential of a low pop realm so moved the entire guild to Draenor Horde side to continue our success. Unfortunately Carnage Inc had to take an unexpected pause from raiding at the start of 2015 due to some unforeseen issues. But we are back with HUGE determination to rekindle our former success.

We are currently looking for raiders who have what it takes to push through Heroic content while we build a new team then move on to Mythic content ASAP. Current progress and ilvl isn't our immediate concern but previous end game raid experience is an advantage.

We will expect you to come repaired and prepared to kick some serious !@# each raid, and while we encourage team work and helping each other out we don't expect to hold anyone's hand. You are responsible for your own performance and raid spot.

We are looking for people to be a good fit, who are looking for more than just their next raid guild. So if after a bad week you would be thinking of leaving please don't apply in the first instance.

We appreciate that this tier we do not have the progress to match other guilds. We are in the vicious cycle of needing progress to gain raiders and raiders to gain progress. But we can offer stability and consistency. Over the past 6 years we have faced many challenges and overcome them all due to strong leadership and the strength of camaraderie with out community. And it is all of those things that allow me to guarantee that Carnage Inc will once again get back to its former glory.

The question is do you want to be part if it? If the answer is yes then you can contact me in game Shell#2116 or head straight to the website to submit an application. Our application process once accepted will open up member only privileges on our website.

We operate a limited raid schedule of just nine hours, spread over three nights per week: 22.00 until 01.00 on Wed, Thur & Mon.

We feel that balancing progression with home life while still remaining competitive is very important. Therefore we do not schedule progression raids at the weekends.

What else do we have to offer?
- Alt runs
- Sunday Funday, including mount, transmog and achievement runs.
- Monthly in-game guild meetings
- Annual IRL meetings
- Guild comps - including guild lottery, secret santa, jolly ho...ho...holidays.
- A thriving website community; active forums, gallery, media, news posts and more.
- Raid-a-thon; our annual charity event:

On behalf of everyone in Carnage Inc we would like to wish you all the very best of luck in game.