So it's official Warlords of Draenor release date is 13 November 2014.

That leaves us 12 raid lockouts to farm the shiz out of Garrosh for shiny mounts, and heroic looms, and clear up any items that remain on your bucket list. 

I don't know about you guys but I have a monstrous bucket list, but November 13 can't come round quick enough! 

100% Attendance Award

Shell a posted Aug 12, 14
So as you all know we have been going hard on attendance tracking using the new tracking spreadsheet available via the 'more' menu. 

Based on this data all those raiders with 100% attendance will recieve a new online award on their profile featuring the EPIC picture to the left!  And who knows we may look into some prizes along the way too!  So watch this space! 

Gratz to: Melonk, Judgee, Emi, Jonas, Ruiru, Dottybalboa, Altamont and Berserk for maintaining 100% attendance over two periods (24 raids) 

Keep up the fantastic attendance!  

Garrosh Heroic DOWN!!

Shell a posted Aug 5, 14
We really have had a rough time over the past weeks due to the dreadded summer slump!  But in true Carnage fashion we never gave up and we did what we had to do to get the kill!  And it turned out all good in the end! 

Gratz on the epic lootz guys and girls and BIG GZ to Melonk & Bionicshammy on the Kor'kron Juggernaut mount!! 

Now lets keep this up every week and get as many mounts as we can in guild! 

Go! Go Carnage Inc! 

Kaboemm Good job and grats ! ...
Evysuz Well done guys! Great to see the expansion officially closed for Carnage Inc ;)
Tîmes A little Tease was a damm good kill finaly ...

Combat resurrections are an extremely powerful tool that players have while in combat. Naturally, we apply some limitations. In Mists of Pandaria, that limit was 1 resurrection during a given raid boss encounter for 10-player modes and 3 for 25-player modes. With Flexible difficulty introduced in Patch 5.4, we erred on the forgiving side, and gave Flexible Raids 3 resurrections regardless of raid size.

In Warlords of Draenor, the Flex tech has expanded to more difficulty levels, and we needed a new system to handle combat resurrections more fairly. We knew that continuing with a constant 3 would encourage using the smallest possible raid sizes, while scaling with hard breakpoints would discourage specific group sizes just under those points. Additionally, the limit is not shown anywhere in-game, so it can be easy to lose track of how many resurrections the raid has available (or even know that the limit exists).

So we've built a new system to be more transparent, and improve usability.
  • During a boss encounter, all combat resurrection spells now share a single raid-wide pool of charges that's visible on the action bar button.
  • Upon engaging a boss, all combat resurrection spells will have their cooldowns reset and begin with 1 charge. Charges will accumulate at a rate of 1 per (90/RaidSize) minutes.
    • Example 1: A 10-player raid will accumulate 1 charge every 9 minutes (90/10 = 9).
    • Example 2: A 20-player raid will accumulate 1 charge every 4.5 minutes (90/20 = 4.5).
  • A charge will only be deducted when a combat resurrection is successful (when the target accepts the resurrection).
  • Raid frames now show a debuff indicating that a dead player has a pending combat resurrection available.
  • Outside of raid boss encounters, combat resurrection spells retain their normal cooldown behavior.
Theyspokeina x PS: there will be much more control by RL on who and what to ress and when.
Theyspokeina x On the other hand, ninja-resses won't be occuring anymore. Not that this a problem in this raidinggroup, but I've seen ...
Evysuz So, does this mean that during raidboss encounters people no longer have apersonal cooldown. And thus you can assign on ...
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